Trustee and Deputy Services

Attorneys, Deputies and Trustee Services

As an attorney*, deputy or trustee you will have been given legal control of money or property that is kept or invested for the donor, protected person or beneficiaries.  As a trustee you may also act for companies or organisations, for example a charity.

You don’t need legal or financial experience to act in any of these roles.  However, you will be a trusted person with a duty of care.  Professional advisers may also act in all these roles.

An attorney is appointed by a donor after registration with the Office of the Pubic Guardian (OPG) whereas a deputy is appointed by the Court of Protection itself.  These roles are activated when the donor or protected person lacks mental capacity.

A trustee is appointed under the provisions set out in the trust instrument and may or may not be linked to incapacity of a beneficiary.

As an attorney or deputy you can be checked and investigated by the OPG or Court of Protection.  Trustees need to comply with the Trustee Act 2000.  But do not worry; we have a wealth of expertise in this area and collaborate with other professional advisers such as accountants and solicitors so that you receive comprehensive advice without overlap.

At Goldsborough Wealth we conduct a process that will establish a suitable strategy for managing investments and help demonstrate that you have met your legal obligations and responsibilities.

Our review service will the help you to keep investments on track.

*under a Lasting Power of Attorney


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