Flexible Benefits

Flexible Employee Benefits

An increasing number of companies are re-evaluating their benefits package to reflect the demand for greater flexibility and choice, as well as initiatives to help the work/life balance. However, the need to retain control of costs remains a priority.

Flexible benefits can help resolve this dilemma and can take many forms, from a fully flexible ‘menu’ approach to one that involves giving employees additional lifestyle-based options on top of traditional core benefits such as pension scheme membership and death in service entitlements. This can be anything from more flexible holiday entitlements to voucher-based loyalty schemes. Salary sacrifice is also a popular tax-efficient option.

Moreover, flexible benefits allow more progressive companies to harmonize their benefits package across the workforce and offer greater choice to employees who are increasingly looking to improve their own ‘work/life balance’.

With our knowledge of the market, Goldsborough Wealth can assess the best flexible benefits package for your company.

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