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Financial Advice for Business Owners

Building, running and managing a business requires a level of single-mindedness and perseverance that most people don’t possess.  It can be all-consuming, and this often means that personal financial and retirement planning frequently take a back seat.

Personal Financial and Retirement Planning

Your business and personal financial goals should be inter-linked; the success of one can have a direct impact on the other.  Taking time out to plan your own financial future, and that of your business, is crucial.

We will help you to prioritise your personal financial goals and then develop a plan to achieve them in the most tax-efficient way. For example, the purchase of business premises through your pension.

To help you get a clearer picture of where your future retirement plans may sit, take a look at Goldsborough Wealth’s on site and free Retirement Budget Planner

Protecting Your Business

Business continuity planning is an essential part of the plan and we can show you how to protect your business against the death or illness of key employees.

Protecting Your Family and Shareholders

Ensuring that your family receives full value for your equity shares on death and in the timeliest and most tax-efficient way is a key consideration.  We can put a plan in place to protect all shareholders and allow them to have funds to purchase the deceased’s shares from family (or vice-versa) and achieve a fair result for all parties.

Safer and Better Return for Company Deposits

Through our cash management service, we can demonstrate how companies and firms can spread risk for monies held on deposit and achieve better returns.

Attracting and Retaining Staff

We will help you to meet your legal obligations as an employer and implement an employee benefit programme to help you attract and retain staff for your team.

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