Approaching or At Retirement


Retirement Financial Planning

There comes a time in life when you want to partially or fully retire and begin the next phase of your life.  This can evoke excitement and unease in equal measure.

Your key questions will be:

  • When can I afford to fully or partially retire?
  • How much is enough to sustain my preferred lifestyle throughout retirement?
  • What will my existing pensions and other savings and investments provide?
  • What more do I need to do to make this happen when I want it to or sooner?

At Goldsborough Wealth, we take time to understand not only your current personal financial situation, but also your desired lifestyle in full or part-time retirement.  There’s more to retirement than money.  Indeed, thinking about the way you want to live is just as important.

You might want to take that world cruise, spend more time on the golf course, with friends and family or start a new venture on your own terms.

By understanding what retirement means to you, we can build a financial plan, putting you in the position to achieve your goals.

Goldborough Wealth have also provided a free on site Retirement Budget Calculator to help you get an early understanding of how that financial plan could look.

After reviewing your existing pensions, savings and investments we make sense of your current financial situation and what it means for your future.  If there is a shortfall, we determine the extra contributions you need to make or the expenditure adjustments necessary to ensure you don’t run out of money.  Then you should feel confident that your retirement should will be sustainable, realistic and exciting.

As you get nearer to retirement, we will explain your options in order that you can make an informed choice regarding your preferences.  We will then recommend the most suitable solution and implement following receipt of your instructions to proceed.

We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you have the best possible chance of staying on track to meet your objectives.

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